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Review 21 London Mistress Hera
September 28, 2014

I have just had my fourth session with Mistress Hera and cannot see why I would want to session with anyone else. I have found who and what I am looking for in exploring the BDSM scene. As the reviews say, MH is a beautiful woman with an incredible body - and those eyes!. But there is more, much more to this lady. She is welcoming, natural and puts you at ease when you meet - and when the 'action' begins, it is very memorable. Mistress Hera likes to...

Review 19 London Mistress Hera
June 3, 2014

From the moment she got off her motorcycle and I saw her impeccable body, I realized I had finally found an exquisite elusive woman. We started in a matted area wrestling. I was dumbfounded at her skill and her strength. It was a mixture of beauty and dominance combined with strength and skill. Each time it ended the same way - me begging her to allow me to breathe or release me. She would ultimately simply say "More" and order me to go another...

Review 18 London Mistress Hera
May 22, 2014

I have yet to see a Mistress with such striking beauty matched with power and strength. I felt completely under her spell from minute 1, and even I didn't her physical power made sure I knew who was in charge! We did lots of things and it was my most intense session to date. I will 100 per cent be returning. Thank you Mistress...

Review 17 London Mistress Hera and Mistress Pip
May 22, 2014

  I returned once again to Mistress Hera and was immediately struck by her looks which was far better then I remembered. This time she was assisted by the beautiful and very sexy Mistress Pip who's pics doesn't do her justice as she is extremely beautiful in the flesh. Mistress Pip also has the most charming British accent. Now about the session; as always, Miss Hera delivered a perfect mix of skill, strength, power and sensualism in the...

Review 16 London Mistress Hera
May 14, 2014

Mistress Hera is sublime. She has a statuesque and shapely figure. Topped off with a cruel twist to her alluring lips amidst a bewitching face. When you have a Domme this beautiful you may expect hers skills to be lacking but fear not Hera certainly knows her stuff. Looking in to those divine eyes whilst my balls were tied  and a hook was in my ass was simply mind blowing. All this to a backing track of Aerosmith. She had me Livin' on...

Review 15 London Mistress Hera
May 6, 2014

  I do not normally write reviews however I thought that i have to make an exception for such an exceptional woman as Mistress Hera.   It is difficult to know where to start though because for me everything about Mistress Hera exudes some many positive adjectives and compliments that i would run out of space.   Seriously though, Mistress Hera has a body and face of a goddess, but is incredibly modest with a hugely warm and...

Review 14 London Mistress Hera
April 25, 2014

Mistress Hera is not only the perfect Mistress you wish, she is your dream which becomes real. So beautiful but strong , sensitive, creative. During the session you are not with her but hers. You agree anything she has in mind because it's what you want and you did not know. And then she changes your world, you have your life before and after Hera. Mind, you can be addicted always thinking "when can I meet her again?" Don't miss Clem the...

Review 13 London Mistress Hera
April 23, 2014

  I have met many session wrestlers before but Mistress Hera combines so much attitude, power, skill, intelligence, eroticism and fun wrapped up in a stunning athletic but slim frame. Rarely (for me) has reality ever matched fantasy, but Mistress Hera manages it supremely.   Her attention to detail is impressive - on our second meeting she dressed as some sort of cowgirl, short short denim shorts, barely containing short plaid blouse...