Good afternoon slaves,

I wish to draw your attention to my pretty size 6 feet that deserve all the worship and pampering you could possibly give them. There’s nothing I love more than looking down at a submissive man grovelling between my feet as I instruct him to lick my soles, sniff my foot aroma, suck my toes or massage oil into my feet.

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For those of you that have come to see me for a session or read my reviews, will know sessions with me are highly charged, intense and like no other you will ever experience.  Therefore give me and my feet a treat and come and kiss them as I relax in my throne.

If you kiss and worship my feet to a high enough level you might be lucky enough to worship my strong muscles as well.

Dedicated and serious submissives may only apply.

Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish


London Mistress Hera