A meeting with a supermodel and I super strong woman in London

The booking

It all start with a good communication for booking the session. Hera was nice and easy to talk with and she really made me feel good about doing a session with her. And I felt that it was important for her to know what kind of session I wanted.

The session

I was very nervous before meeting Hera because I could see on her pictures that this woman is special and very beautiful.

The place was easy to find and Hera was good to welcome me and I was right that she was so beautiful and hot:-)

Got a shower for preparing for the match on the mat.

My wish for the session was one way domination (Hera dominating me)

The match began and she was all over me. She was fast, quick thinking and strong and I had absolutely no chances to getting on top on her. Soon I mis count on how many submissions she had me do. And when I got slow and tried she got her way with me.

The session was the best time I’d ever spend. And I’m glad that it was with Hera.:-)

Time after the session

It’s about 2 mouth after the session with Hera and I still fantasize about it and I can’t wait for a rematch with the mistress

Thanks for the best session ever Mistress Hera

Love from Denmark