Hera is a phenom, an exquisite freak of nature.
I met Hera at The Submission Room in London for a fun wrestling session. What I got was an incredible experience that blew my mind. When I first admired Hera as she walked in the room, I thought how can this shy,svelte but athletic lady be too much trouble, she looks so innocent. Then she put on a some rock music and things changed. She was still a slender, toned and gorgeous lady but now there was a sadistic glint in her eye and a look that said ‘your mine bitch’. For the next hour Hera tore me apart. Her strength and skill are incredible, her flexability unrivaled and her imagination is brutal. Numerous times I thought I had her but her agility is just exceptional, one minute I was comfortable the next I’m calling out in and as she strained at another joint be it knee or elbow. She puts her beautiful legs to good use and traps you with ease. Her scissors are ferocious. The only pleasent thing about Hera’s scissors is that she likes to look into your eyes as she squeezes the life out of you. This is when you can examine just how beautiful she is. I’d only ever seen her face in pictures with a mask on before but believe me beneath that mask is a pure beauty. Her dark eyes are enchanting and she has the most gorgeous pouting lips, a truly stunning woman that should be on magazine covers.
Hera is also relentless, she wore me down until I was literally begging for mercy. But this is what Hera wants. this is where her sadistic mind goes into overdrive. This is Hera’s playtime.
I hobbled out of there in awe of this woman. She truly is incredible. Nothing is impossible with this beautiful lady. I wasn’t sure about Hera before I met here but after one session, I’m hooked. I cannot wait to be in Mistress Hera’s presence again, she is phenomenal! .