So I arranged a session with Mistress Hera, I loved the idea of being overpowered and dominated by a gorgeous athletic beauty.

Boy was I not disappointed. I met Mistress Hera yesterday and what an utterly mind blowing experience.

She came into the room, and what a stunning athletic body to die for she really does have, accompanied by a beautiful face with deep penetrating dark eyes and sumptuous lips

When someone like that walks into a room with stockings and suspenders and sexy lingerie on your normal first thought is not “I’m in trouble now”, but the look Mistress Hera gives you of menace and intent, it’s palpable.

And in trouble I was right from the first grapple, i had made the fatal error of telling Mistress Hera that I was the boss of the company I worked for, boy did she teach me very quickly who was the boss, and that I was her bitch, her strength is freakish, unbelievably so, and she’s fast and seriously talented, if like me you have no wrestling experience you are toast and very soon her plaything. I worked hard to stay afloat but after 10 minutes i was completely exhausted and overpowered. Her gorgeous body wrapping me up in a number of unbelievable pins, at the same time the verbal humiliation I was getting demeaned and degraded me even more as I descended into a quivering submissive mess.

Eventually when i couldn’t even fight back she knows then that she Totally owns you, at that point she ties you up and with no resistance, its totally humiliating.

Then the torture begins on all areas of your exposed body, a perfect mixture of pain and some pleasure, that you can do nothing about.

I was forced to worship her stocking clad feet as the ultimate sign of worship and ownership, it was such a fabulous session.

What was amazing for me was the clear enjoyment and excitement Mistress Hera got from overpowering you, torturing you and making you submit to be her plaything.

I’ve had dozens of more vanilla BDSM sessions but have never met someone so unique as Mistress Hera who along with all the physical attributes as detailed above seems able to tap into your innermost desires and exploit them, while clearly enjoying the process of breaking you down physically and mentally.

Just a wonderful and unique session with a very special Mistress, as i said, simply mind blowing.