From the moment she got off her motorcycle and I saw her impeccable body, I realized I had finally found an exquisite elusive woman. We started in a matted area wrestling. I was dumbfounded at her skill and her strength. It was a mixture of beauty and dominance combined with strength and skill. Each time it ended the same way – me begging her to allow me to breathe or release me. She would ultimately simply say “More” and order me to go another round and be beaten again. When she was content that she demonstrated her physical superiority, she quickly trussed me up in a hog tie and proved to me that she was completely in control with some intense anal play. After leading me to the dungeon, I had a chance to experience more of her rope skills, her suspension bondage and her love of very intense play.

She was amazing. I left feeling completely humbled, wildly excited and can’t wait till we meet again. She is sensual, strict, caring and dominating all at the same time. A mixture made in heaven – I never knew a creature like her could exist on this earth.