Tall, slim, bronze, long raven hair, deep brown eyes, luscious mouth, wonderfully toned divine body. If I was given one wish to create my perfect mistress, it would be Mistress Hera!

Her stunning looks only tell half the story about her uniqueness. Her intelligence, humour, sensitivity and understanding of her submissive’s innermost needs, desires and deepest fantasies are remarkable. It’s as if she can read your mind and lay bare your most secret thoughts as you walk through the door excited, expectant and just a little fearful about what she will impose and inflict on your mind and your body in the time stopping 60 minutes which follow.

Quickly and effortlessly overpowering me from the beginning, she dragged me down to the mat with unnerving and surprising strength for such a slender woman.  Completely helpless to resist, I could only lie there beneath her fearfully awaiting whatever pain or humiliation she cared to inflict. No part of my body was left untouched by Mistress Hera’s strong and wonderfully sensual hands and feet, her luscious ruby red lips and strong white teeth.   Time and time again during the session she ensured in the unforgettable way only she can that I experienced sensations of intense pain and exquisite pleasure never before experienced. I hoped passionately that those moments would remain frozen in time or in that wickedly pleasurable place between heaven and hell.

Every time I visit Mistress Hera, the experience is always different.  Every minute, every second is not the same. Her inventiveness is unlimited. Not knowing what to expect or which part of my mind or body would be the target of her pleasure is exhilarating. The memories of her sessions live long after I have reluctantly but in joyous mood left her behind. Honestly, I was torn whether I should write this review at all.  I want her uniqueness to be mine only and I know how intensely jealous I would be in the knowledge that my pleasure was shared by others less worthy.  What eventually decided it for me was that in writing here about my last session with Mistress Hera, the close memory of it would linger on.