I met Mistress Hera at her premises in North London and I have to say that I was immediately struck by just how beautiful she was in person.  We spent a few minutes chatting through some details of the session. I was looking for a role-play scenario involving intense interrogation and Mistress Hera agreed to this and suggested a few things that sounded really exciting. She led me through to her dungeon, closed the door and quickly switched into character. I was actually taken aback by the speed of the change in character and it made the session far more real than I had ever thought possible.  The relaxed smile had gone and there was now a stern tone to her voice. She blindfolded me and began the interrogation in earnest.


Don’t be fooled by her slender frame. She’s extremely athletic and much stronger than she looks. I’m quite a large guy, but she was able to control me easily due to her background in wrestling. During the course of the session she manipulated me into several submission holds. You can probably guess what happened when I refused to answer her questions; let’s just say that it got very painful.


She pushed me to my limit several times during the session, but it was the last interrogation scenario that turned out to be the highlight of the session (talk about saving the best till last). This involved being suspended from the ceiling by my feet with my arms bound securely behind my back. I was completely helpless while Mistress Hera continued the interrogation with the help of a riding crop! This was truly one of the best sessions I have ever had. My only regret was that I hadn’t booked a four hour session. I will definitely be back for another, longer session soon.


If you’re into intense role play, then I would highly recommend London Mistress Hera.