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Review 3 London Mistress Hera
May 8, 2013

I have sessioned a few times with various Mistresses and not quite found what I was looking for. I found it recently with Mistress Hera. She has a wonderful combination of beauty, strength, intelligence, and creativity, that is mixed with a genuine sense of enjoyment in what she does and an 'edge' that keeps you in a state of anticipation. I had a mixed wrestling / bondage wresting session where the level of power in such a beautiful body was...

Review 2 London Mistress Hera
May 2, 2013

Strong, sensual, sexy. A body to die for. Statuesque, lean, muscular. Mistress Hera is overpowering and irresistible in every imaginable way and even in ways you can't imagine but she can! Intelligent and sensitive, Mistress Hera has an innate sense of your innermost needs and desires. She is completely able both to put you totally at your ease or keep all your senses tingling in intense anticipation of the pleasures and pains which inevitably...

Review 1 London Mistress Hera
April 30, 2013

I have seen Mistress Hera about a dozen times, every session has been 10/10. She is the most attractive Mistress operating in London & looks very imposing in high heels. She has a wonderful toned body, is very athletic & has a genuine personality. I have a mixture of wrestling domination combined with more traditional domination such as bondage, nipple play, strap on & flogging. She always takes me to my limit, then occasionally just...